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We have an isolated tracking room, professionally built and acoustically treated with a mixture of London Acoustics bass traps, London Acoustics panels, and London Acoustics square panels strategically spaced and placed to trap in sound waves that would otherwise bounce off of the walls if left untreated. The engineers suit is also acoustically treated with a mixture of London Acoustics panels,  Auralex foam squares, and bass traps. We have three different systems to listen back and three different ways to listen back; mono, stereo, and surround. 

music production

Have your music produced here

theme music

Have custom music made here for special projects


Record your projects


Mixing audio 


Get your projects ready for commercial release

pitch correction

Tune your vocals 

remote mixing

Send your WAV files via Google Drive 

remote mastering

Send your mixed project to be mastered for commercial release


Get your guitar recordings re-amped


Get constructive criticism on your personal mixes and masters

Audio editing

Edit your audio to sound tight